19 August, 2012

Summer Photos

Long time no update. Here's a quick photo recap of what I've been up to.

New painting. Acryl on cardboard 80 x 50 cm.

Super productive lately! There are quite a few Comic Fairs I'm attending so I had to update my work. I have a whole new series of old photos with tentacles.

I've finished my first comic ever :3 It's an eight page story called Ex Ovo Omnia.
There are new items available at my web shop! I'm proud to have these beautiful 3D printed jewelry from  The Rogue And The Wolf. Take a quick peek!

I'm a proud owner of this Singer sewing machine! So far I've discovered it's from 1935, but can't seem to find more about it's history. It seems to work though, only needs a big cleaning.
Work at a cupcake shop is fun! Especially when I made this cupcake jake! CUPCAKE TIIIIIME!!!!

I love to face paint kids at parties, however they seem to like it the other way around. They gave me cool glittery tattoos of a turtle and flowers. 

Went to Budapest for 10 days with my friend Cindy. Stayed at the Backpackers Guesthouse which is definitely THE BEST hostel in Budapest. Met lovely people and partied hard as you can see :)

Preparing for the zombie war...

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