19 August, 2012

Revenge is a dish best served pink

When I was working at the studio a few weeks ago I noticed from the corner of my eye that someone was changing his facebook page in a rapid tempo. When I looked closer I realised I was witnessing a live frape.
A frape, for those who don’t know the term, is altering someone’s facebook page as a joke. My friends do it to each other when someone forgot to log out and we make a sport of changing their status update into something embarrassing they could have actually said. The frape is successful when people believe it and from that point the person who has been fraped is not allowed to change or delete it. So are the rules.
But this was no ordinary frape. This was a massacre! Photo’s, hobby’s, everything was changed, tagged, and it kept going on and on. I decided to text the guy to let him now he’s being royally fraped and he might want to change it back quick. We quickly found out who it was; his little brother.

A few weeks later the frape victim Tobias Mathijsen let us know he was thinking about a master plan to get back to his little brother. His little brother was away on holiday and he wanted to change his room into a pink little girls room. He made it into a facebook event and soon they gathered enough stuff and help from friends to make it successful. I donated a few things as well and wrote a diary full of embarrassing girl stuff to put under his pillow.
The eight of us went to work in the morning. Quickly moving all his stuff into a different room. We were kinda hoping to find something embarrassing like porn, after all it’s a boys room, but we only found a strange note, nothing more. Then we quickly started painting the walls. Tobias had bought quick drying paint and the warm weather helped to speed the drying process. A few people fixed his desk and painted it purple with flowers. Then we took a break to let the paint dry and quickly moved on to change the carpet. It was a left over piece from a store so that was pretty cheap too. After that it was just a matter of putting his bed and desk back, decorate it with all the donated stuff and before dinner we were done! We were all surprised it went so smoothly and fast.
Tobias filmed the whole process so we all would have a nice video to show our family and friends, and after all he’s a film maker and has all the equipment so why not document it? It was such a fun day! Every now and then someone would burst into laughter, realising what we were doing. I had a huge grin on my face the entire time. We were all enjoying it so much we want to prank each other the entire time now.
In the end it took us about 8 hours to get the job done. The cost of the prank was under €200.

The result :) 

After that day it was difficult not to post anything online since his little brother could find out. I told a few friends and their reactions were mixed, but mostly positive. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction on video. His little brother got back Tuesday night, the video was online Wednesday. And then it went fast…

It went viral. The views were increasing, the comments were piling up. Thursday we were excited that someone would show it to a contact from a local newspaper, that same night people from America were talking about it. And it hasn’t stopped since. Tobias is contacted by television, radio and random people. People are even talking about me, recognising me and I’m only a nano second in the film. We all had not expected this, we were shocked. Yesterday we celebrated the million views together and talked about how weird this is. People are ripping the video and upload it under their name to lift along with the success and views. Whole discussions about which language we are talking, the dildo and condom (which is actually a vibrator), how it’s a fake video, and who’s gay or not. These are the funniest comments I have found:

-Yeah right….there’s a professional camera team present…. FAKE! (Truth is Tobias is the only one holding a camera, all the other camera’s are hidden and switched on beforehand haha)

-Hoeveel (indirecte) overheids-subsidie heeft deze meuk gekost?

- Annoying hipster people!

-Wat een stel linkse hobbyisten

- he has no windows in his room...FAKE!

-Whenever I hear Dutch I think they're speaking English... while being strangled.

People are commenting I’m “hawt” and look like Zooey Deschanel which is quite funny and nice, thank you.

This is a Dutch interview a week after the prank

In short, these last days have been like a roller coaster, but in the end everyone will forget about it in a few days. Which is ok. However I do secretly hope someone will auto tune parts of the video or make their own version. I would love to see more pranks like this. Pranks with no physical pain involved, just a twisted mind and an eye for detail ;) 

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