14 April, 2012

Dead Ant is Born!

Can't believe I haven't posted this here yet! Last couple of weeks have been crazy and I feel super tired but satisfied :) 

So I've finally opened my web shop! I've been working on this plan for almost a year now. Dead Ant is the name of the store. Why Dead Ant? The name covers all what it's about; ants are tough little insects. They work together just like I want to do with young creators and my website. The products I'm selling are bizarre, weird, curious and sometimes even have a sense of humor. You'll find customized antiques, t-shirts, prints, jewelry and much more. Go check it out!

I'm always looking for new young talent. So do you create things and think it will be a perfect fit for Dead Ant? Don't hesitate to contact: info [at] deadant [dot] nl. There's more info on the website.

We're still growing every day. We've already visited the Comic Art Fair, had a mention in the Dutch Newspaper and a Dutch blog. And the next few weeks look promising too. I have a few plans up my sleeve that are very exciting. We'll also be at an Art Fair in Breda tomorrow. So if you have nothing to do, stop by and say hi! Admission is free for pete's sake!

I'll be back soon with updates about the HAFF, the Comic Art Fair and much more news! After some well earned sleep that is...

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